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GeoWerkstatt Workshop

GeoWerkstatt Workshop

Geology is for crafting.

Gams is a ‘GeoVillage’, meaning it also needs its own GeoWerkstatt Workshop. Especially when there are fossils and rocks all around the village, which are just waiting to be excavated or to be made into jewellery. On the first floor, the workshop offers you the chance to take a closer look at precious stones and to learn lots of new things. On the ground floor, it’s your turn to polish and oil your findings. Doesn’t that sound like the most beautiful souvenir of all?

It is kind of hard to wrap your head around the fact that a long time ago there was an enormous beach in Gams. And when we say ‘a long time ago’ we mean millions of years. This ocean is the reason why we can still find fossils today – in the surroundings of the village of Gams, 14 different species have been discovered so far. But you can also bring other findings like stones to the workshop, where you can file them and turn them into a pretty pendant with a leather strap. That’s how seemingly common stones from the creek are turned into jewellery and taken home as souvenirs.


The activities at the workshop last between one and a half to two hours and are sure to impart some new knowledge. Because sometimes the easiest way to find out about something is ‘learning by doing’, the workshop also offers you the chance to watch the smallest of organisms that lived millions of years ago in the ocean under a microscope. Just try to imagine they are like little dinosaurs. Thrilling, isn’t it?

The GeoWerkstatt Workshop is part of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network.



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