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Gives you strength.

Gives you strength.

Gives you strength.

Gives you strength.

Gives you strength.

A place of relaxation and energy in the heart of Austria

Griaß di and hello from the Gesäuse

Where the wild rivers Salza and Enns meet the looming rock faces of the Gesäuse Mountains, where the only National Park connects with the largest Styrian Nature Park and the thousand-year-old high culture of Admont Abbey intertwines with the century-old popular culture of the region – that’s where you’ll find the Gesäuse. No matter if you enjoy hiking, mountaineering, white water adventures or culture activities – the Gesäuse doesn’t provide you with a checklist. Instead, it is a place with a lot of room for your own stories, which, in the end, will make you say: the Gesäuse gives you strength.

Your summer in the Gesäuse

Summer was invented for the Gesäuse. When the sun is out you know it is time to pay a visit to the mountains or to the (white) water. And for those days when the weather isn’t quite up to par there’s still a lot more to be discovered.


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Stiftsbibliothek Admont Gesäuse

The Library of Admont Abbey

The Library of Admont Abbey

The Eighth Wonder of the World.

Not only does Admont Abbey house the largest monastic library in the world but the room is also regarded as the eighth wonder of the world. So, if you visit Admont, under no circumstances should you miss this highlight of Baroque architecture. It’s hard to believe your eyes when you are faced with a staggering 70,000 books, frescoes by Bartolomeo Altomonte and the well-known limewood carvings 'Four Last Things' by sculptor Josef Stammel. Painted in gold and white, the library exudes a unique and majestic air.

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Admont / Weng



Via Ferrata

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Großreifling / Landl / Palfau

Whitewater Happiness

Whitewater Happiness

Steep canyons, impressive rock formations and colourful vegetation – this is what the backdrop of the Salza River looks like, as the water noisily meanders through the natural landscape and the famous conglomerate ravine. The best way to get to know this emerald-green beauty is to get into a raft or kayak and learn how to use those paddles. Enjoy an exciting adventure on one of the last wild rivers in Europe.

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Ardning Alm Lodge

Ardning Alm Lodge

The Ardning Alm Lodge is a place to unwind, plan your next hike or simply to rest, with Karin and Karl always on hand to indulge their guests with delicious meals and drinks. Numerous hiking tours in the area are sure to make any mountaineer’s heart beat faster. During the winter season it’s the ski tourers who are the ones rubbing their (gloved) hands together with glee when they hear the lodge’s name as the location is accessible by car and even offers a parking lot.

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Berg Gesäuse

Hesshütte Lodge

Hesshütte Lodge

High above the valley at 1,699 metres, the largest and best-known lodge in the Gesäuse is surrounded by the Hochtor Mountain, Planspitze Peak and Hochzinödl Peak. These mountains also happen to be the most popular ones to climb after spending a night at the lodge. The ascents via Wasserfallweg Trail – for experienced hikers only – or via Johnsbach are two of the Gesäuse's classic hiking routes, while the lodge’s host Reini has ensured the lodge has become a real institution over the years.

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Kraushöhle Cave

Kraushöhle Cave

It’s what's on the inside that counts.

Become a cave explorer for a day – at Kraushöhle Cave! On a hot summer’s day, the cool climate inside the cave is particularly pleasant. Equipped with a jacket and a flashlight you will be following the footsteps of the great speleologist Franz Kraus. Passing the heavy, green gate you will soon discover a dark world. The tour not only opens up your eyes and ears, but is also sure to stimulate your imagination with all it's mystical figures and formations.

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Offers in the Gesäuse

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BaseCamp Climbing

The University of Mountaineering belongs to the Gesäuse, not as an institution with study fees, but as a term for more than a hundred years of alpinism in which the Gesäuse mountains have made history. And this story is not over yet, because the university has expanded its curriculum.

BaseCamp Hiking I

You can explore the legendary Gesäuse mountains for three full days. Not alone, as you would have done it under normal circumstances, but with a mountain and hiking guide. He will give you some useful and sustainable information that will coin your future in the mountains till eternity. The magic words that will make this dream come true are: BaseCamp Summer Hiking I.

Kayaking BaseCamp

Want to learn how to kayak? Well, if you’re going to do it, do it right. All you need are the following ingredients: the rivers Enns and Salza, mighty rocks to both sides of the beholder, a professional kayaker and 3 days stuffed with theory and practice and et voilà – you are on the best way to a career in water sports. And on top you’ll gain your very own perspective of the Gesäuse when whooshing down the rivers Enns and Salza.

Canoeing BaseCamp

Pack up your swimwear, take your suitcase and off you go right into the white water paradise called Gesäuse. During a 2-day course on the rivers Enns and Salza, water sports enthusiasts will gain all the knowledge they need in order to be calling themselves true canoeists. Navigating a boat through the roaring white water using your own physical strength? What sounds so hard and might raise some eyebrows at the beginning, can work out perfectly after 2 days of training.

BaseCamp Summer Hiking II

You can book a workshop concerning hiking in the Gesäuse mountains. All of you who like to be out and about on the mountains, will have great fun with the contents of this course. But most of all the hiking itself that will guide you through the only National Park in Styria will do the trick.

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Nachthimmel Gesäuse

The Gesäuse

Discover us. Now!

The Gesäuse gives you strength. Literally. We don’t say this because it sounds good or because it is in fashion right now. We say it because it is something that we experience every day with our bodies and minds. The Gesäuse does not provide you with a checklist, the Gesäuse wants to be discovered individually.


To each their own Gesäuse. Some may find their Gesäuse in the tranquillity and the serenity of nature – and nature is a vital element of the Gesäuse. It is not without reason that the Gesäuse is home to a National Park – offering strictly protected and untouched wilderness that is hard to find elsewhere in Europe – and a Nature Park that is synonymous with a life in harmony with nature. Thanks to its geological features, the latter has also been declared a Geopark by UNESCO.

The University of Mountaineering

In the midst of the whitewater and the looming rock faces that the two parks offer, others will find their Gesäuse in sports. The region is also known as ‘The University of Mountaineering’, not to be understood in the sense of a university with tuition fees, but instead as a symbol of more than one hundred years of alpinism, during which the Gesäuse mountains have earned their place in mountaineering history. But, of course, there are also alternative, less demanding, routes up the mountains to those that go straight up the rock faces. With over 500 kilometres of hiking trails and one of the highest densities of mountain huts and lodges, the Gesäuse is the ideal destination for mountain lovers.

Whitewater in its Purest Form

Deep down in the valleys framed by the impressive limestone mountains the wild and untamed rivers Enns and Salza are flowing. That’s where the Gesäuse gets its name from – from the German word ‘sausen’, which can be translated as the whirling or also roaring of the water. And it’s the wild waters of these two natural rivers that offer a white water paradise to its visitors that is unrivalled in its purity in Austria.

Where High Culture meets Popular Culture

Others will find their Gesäuse while immersing themselves in the thousand-year-old high culture of Admont Abbey, which is home to three museums and the world’s largest monastic library. And let’s not forget about the century-old popular culture that is still being lived today at countless festivals and events centred around music and traditions in the area.

The Gesäuse does not provide you with a checklist: it gives you a collection of activities that will help you to regain some of the mental and physical strength that so often gets lost in our challenging, everyday lives.